The Sheriff's Posse of Westbrook Village, Inc.

  • Providing back-up to Deputies on calls.
  • Patrolling homes registered on Vacation Watch
  • Dispatcher services and admin
  • Patrolling Recreation Centers and Westbrook Village neighborhoods
  • Conducting search and rescue.
  • Providing traffic control at, special events or accidents scenes.
  • Conducting Operation Notification with local businesses.
  • Westbrook Village events
  • MCSO Detail Requests.


To provide services that help, protect and benefit our community as directed and authorized by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office 


Mission Statement

The Sheriff's posse of westbrook village, Inc:

The principle mission and purpose of The Sheriff’s Posse of Westbrook Village, Inc. is to provide the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, with a force of volunteers to assist in carrying out the duties of the Sheriff’s Office.  Posse members are civilians, and have no peace officer status.  Posse members are not involved in the day-to-day delivery of law enforcement services.

The Sheriff’s Posse of Westbrook Village, Inc. is an organization made up of volunteers to serve as trained posse members and trained office dispatch members.

The Sheriff’s Posse of Westbrook Village, Inc. provides security protection and law enforcement visual presence within Westbrook Village. Focus areas include:  resource for assistance, first responders, traffic control, accident scene security, vacation house checks, vehicle street patrols and community service activities.

The posse relies on the generosity of the community to totally fund the activities of The Sheriff’s Posse of Westbrook Village, Inc.

Our POSSE at a Glance

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